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Top Tips for Independent Living - Clothing & Dressing

Top Tips for Independent Living - Clothing & Dressing

Here are a few tips to get you thinking about ways to make dressing easier and to stay independent in daily routines.

Opting for loose clothing is usually easier as pull-on clothing avoids having to do fasteners that require fine grip. Equally, if you have sore shoulders or elbows, then front fastening garments can be easiers to avoid the need for reaching.

With help, clothing and accessories can be adapted. For  example with large zipper pulls, magnetic buttons, large poppers or elastic shoelaces. Styles that are elasticated or have large chunky buttons are easier to manage.

Do you have one side that is more painful or has more restricted movement? Try putting this side into clothing first, and then taking this side out last when undressing to make things easier.       

Typically, light clothing is easier to manage and scarves are a great no-fuss way to easily manage a warmer layer.

If you have swollen legs or feet, then special extra wide socks or soft top socks can be helpful to support good circulation.

Useful items online include; Handy Reacher   Sock Aids   Shoe Horns