Ross Care can support you with your personal wheelchair budget (PWB) to help you get the best equipment to match your needs. On this page, you can learn more about PWB's and what they could mean for you.

What are personal wheelchair budgets?

The Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) has been designed to provide wheelchair users with greater choice regarding their wheelchair provision. This enhanced scheme has replaced the previous Wheelchair Voucher Scheme.

NHS England describes the following:

A personal wheelchair budget is a resource available to support people’s choice of wheelchair, either within NHS commissioned services or outside NHS commissioned services.

Personal wheelchair budgets aim to increase choice and control for people who access wheelchair services through:

  • Providing holistic assessments that take into account people’s wider needs and how good wheelchair provision can increase independence and improve people’s health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Supporting people to identify their own health and wellbeing goals
    Better integration of services around individuals by bringing together care and support agencies
  • Increasing the availability of information about the choices available to people locally.


Will I need to be assessed if I would like a PWB?

Yes. You will be invited to attend a clinic appointment where your wheelchair therapist will assess your wheelchair needs. Any questions you may have can be answered during this appointment.

What options will I have?

There are 3 options:

1. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget (standard NHS provision).  This enables you to have a basic wheelchair that will meet your identified needs. This also offers the option for personal contributions to the personal wheelchair budget, enhancing your choice of wheelchair and equipment. This may come from funding support such as education, social care, a voluntary or charity organisation, or through self-pay.

2. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget with a contribution. This option allows you or another agency such as a voluntary/charitable organisation to contribute to your PWB to either have a higher specification NHS wheelchair or add additional features.

3. Third-Party Personal Wheelchair Budget. In discussion with your wheelchair therapist, if it is clinically appropriate, you can choose to use your PWB as a contribution to buying a wheelchair from an independent retailer (such as Ross Care) outside of the NHS*

*Option 2 and Option 3 PWB payments last for 5 years for adults and 3 years for children other than in exceptional circumstances.

You can contact your local Ross Care sales team here to discuss options and obtain prices:

 The Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire.
• All other areas please submit an enquiry via the Contact Us Page.

Otherwise, you can gain advice from your local Wheelchair Service. Contact information for Ross Care run Wheelchair Services can be found here.

Ross Care has also curated a list of charities that support with the funding of equipment here.

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