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Top Tips for Independent Living at Home-Eating and Drinking

Top Tips for Independent Living at Home-Eating and Drinking

Maintaining independence in eating and drinking is particularly important for your health and safety. If you have any concerns whatsoever, then share them straight
away. The following ideas  can form the basis for a healthy conversation;

Food preparation can be made much easier by simply using your kitchen slightly different. Keep the items you use most at surface height. For example, in wall-
mountedcupboards , move most commonly used items to the lowest shelf and use the highest drawers in floor units.

Sitting on a chair or a perching stool can make food preparation easier and less tiring.

Hot water - Using a one cup water heater may be easier than lifting a kettle.

Helpful gadgets - A wide range of small items of equipment is available to help with every stage of food preparation, from ring pulls to cooking baskets.

These Include;

• Light cups with large handles that are easy to manage, for example insulated cups, or cups with two handles.
• Using a dish with a rim or plate guard can help to scoop food.
• Some cutlery is specially designed for use with one hand.
• Large handles make gripping cutlery easier.
• One way or positionable straws can avoid lifting cups – for example by the bedside.

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