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Celebrate Global Recycling: Return Unused NHS Wheelchairs for Recycling!

Celebrate Global Recycling: Return Unused NHS Wheelchairs for Recycling!

Today marks Global Recycling Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of recycling for our planet's health. As we reflect on ways to contribute to a sustainable future, Ross Care urges individuals in our local communities to join hands in a simple yet impactful initiative: returning unused NHS wheelchairs for recycling.

Ross Care, a leading provider of NHS Wheelchair Services and Approved Repairer, is calling upon individuals who have unused NHS wheelchairs to participate in their recycling program. By returning these wheelchairs, not only can individuals declutter their spaces, but they can also contribute to environmental sustainability by ensuring that these resources are recycled and reused efficiently.

Anyone can easily identify whether their wheelchair belongs to the NHS Wheelchair Service by checking for a frame sticker which will clearly indicate this and provide the local contact information. Once confirmed, individuals can then proceed to arrange for the return of the wheelchair through their local contacts.

If you have an unused NHS wheelchair, we urge you to take a moment to locate your local contact through the provided link:

You can then either return the wheelchair to your local centre or request a free collection. Your action can make a meaningful difference in supporting environmental responsibility and ensuring that valuable NHS resources go further.

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