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Choosing Your Riser Recliner Chair

Choosing Your Riser Recliner Chair

A correctly fitting armchair should give maximum comfort to support your back, neck and limbs. This can help to reduce aches and pains in joints and muscles.
For some the wrong chair can even mean they remain in the same chair for long periods unless assisted. If comfort is a problem, you may even end up staying in bed. The correct chair can also provide greater independence. The height of some chairs can adjust with a Chair Raiser which is fitted under the legs.


Other options include height adjustable seating or chairs made to suit your specific dimensions. Getting this right can be the difference  between an individual being able to sit & stand on their own.

Bead cushions can help you to adapt your chair to give more comfort and support.

An electrically operated Rise & Recliner provides extra comfort when sitting for long periods of time and will also help you to get in and out of the chair more easily.

Key Rise and Relining Chair Features and how they may benefit you:

Riser Function
• Helps you to stand from the chair, by gently raising the seat. It is important that your legs are strong enough to take your weight once the chair has helped you to stand
• Enables you to sit down gently, without 'flopping' into the chair
• Wooden ‘knuckles’ can give additional grip on the end of the arms

Recline functions (Standard Recline or Tilt in Space)
• Reclining can help you to relax more comfortably
• Can give more support to back and neck, if well fitted
• Distributes your weight over a wider area and relieves pressure areas which can cause discomfort or sores
• Makes sitting with your legs up very easy, and can help improve circulation and reduce swelling in lower legs
• Avoids having to move a footstool in and out of position, which can cause a trip hazard.
• Comfortable position for watching TV and for a snooze during the day!

Tilt in Space Chairs Rise & Recliner Chairs
Many people find a ‘Tilt in Space’ chair is the most comfortable way to recline, as these chairs maintain a comfortable position for your hips and back as you recline. They can be single or dual motor. They offer especially-
• Good back and head support whilst reclined
• Low stress on joints and no friction on skin
• maximised circulation, as legs can be raised higher relative to upper body

Single Motor Rise & Recliner Chairs
These raise the footplate and recline the backrest at the same time. There are fewer buttons to manage.

Dual Motor ChairsRise & Recliner Chairs
Operate the footrest and backrest independently, giving more flexibility. Feet can be raised whilst you are seated in a more upright position, and can give a more extended, horizontal position. Although they recline further, it is not usually recommended to sleep in these chairs overnight.

Seat Cushions
Do enquire as to options for the seat cushion, as some chairs offer a choice to suit different requirements, including special surfaces to protect from pressure problems if sitting for a long time.
These can be used alongside special upholstery fabrics which help to care for vulnerable skin.

Ross Care can provide you with a wide range of chair styles to best suit your requirements including high back chairs, electric riser chairs which also recline and nursing chairs.

It's important to try out any chair properly before you buy it. We can support you with a product demonstration to try before you buy accompanied with the option of a conversation with an Occupational Therapist if required. Ross Care’s service department can also support to care for your equipment for as long you need it.

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