Ross Care

Ross Auto Engineering Limited (trading as Ross Care) employs 438 staff of which 267 (60.9%) are men and 171 (39.1%) are women. 

All organisations employing over 250 employees are required to publish their Gender Pay Gap (GPG) figures.  The GPG looks at the difference in the average pay of men and women within the company.  This is different from Equal Pay which is where men and women are paid the same pay for the same work.  Ross Care pays all employees who are performing the same role equally, regardless of gender or any other protected characteristics. 

Mean and Median GPG

The information detailed below is based on pay data as at 5th April 2023 (snapshot date)

Difference between men and women
Mean Median
Hourly Rate: -17.9% -9.6%


The average hourly rate for men was 17.9% less than the average for women. 

The median difference is -9.6%.  This is the percentage difference between the midpoint male hourly rate and the midpoint female hourly rate. With men being paid 9.6% less than women. 

The proportion of males and females within each pay quartile is shown below


% within each quartile




Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile




In the highest quartile, the average hourly rate of pay of women was 3.2% more than men.  In the upper middle quartile, the average hourly rate of pay of women was 1,8% higher than the average hourly rate for men. In the lower middle quartile and the lower quartile, the average hourly rates of pay for men and women were the same.

Bonus Payments

162 men and 59 women received a bonus payment.  The average bonus payment for men was £159 and for women was £59.  This is a difference of 62%.

The median bonus payment for men was £45 and for women was £45.


Historically the nature of our Wheelchair Approved Repairer and Community Equipment service work (engineering and logistics) has lent itself more to a male orientated workforce. 

During 2022/23 the business was restructured within the Millbrook Healthcare Group, with Wheelchair Clinical Service contracts transferring into Ross Auto Engineering. This has led to an increase in female representation within the Upper Quartile and resulting in male staff being on average paid 17.9% less than female staff (Mean) and 9.6% less midpoint (Median). 

We will continue to:

  • Review our approach to recruitment to ensure we recruit fairly across all the pay quartiles
  • Gender monitoring of a range of key staff data, including recruitment, internal promotion and talent management
  • Encourage flexible working wherever practically possible. We will continue to ensure that we take a consistent approach to ensure career development is not in any way impacted by factors such as taking any form of parental leave such as maternity, paternity or adoption. 

Bonus payments are paid equally based on performance and employee length of service.

The information provided is accurate and has been calculated using the methods as set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

Peter Smith
Finance Director
29th March 2024