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  • The Nimble is the innovative one finger safety cutter.

  • Specially designed to be worn like a thimble on your fingertip, this hand cutting tool can be used as a packaging opener, envelope opener and box cutter.

  • Nimble is also the perfect one finger tool for cutting out coupons, and for craft activities too.

  • This multi-award winning finger knife is safer than using knives around the home, despite being a better package opener in many instances.

  • This is all due to its specially designed ceramic safety blade.

  • Nimble is the world's first one-finger safety cutter.

  • Use it for everything from opening parcels to cutting out coupons or even wrapping presents!

  • Finger-tip friendly ceramic blade

  • One-size-fits-all design

  • Brightly coloured so you'll never lose it

NIMBLE (the one finger safety cutter) brought to you by version 22 is great for opening packages, gift wrapping, and crafts, with unique one finger operations.

  • 1. Place your fingertip with Nimble's head pointing down

  • 2. Hold item to be cut in your other hand or rest it on a NIMBLE CUTTING MAT

  • 3. Apply pressure and draw a line to make a cut with your finger at a 45-degree angle.
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Nimble - The One Finger Cutting Tool
£7.49 GBP
VAT exc.

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