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Ideal for supporting tilit-in-space wheelchair users. The V12 is designed specifically for the Invacare Azalea and Clematis, so no extra fitting kits are required. It works harmoniously with the wheelchair’s tilt-in-space function to retain comfort for the user. It is lightweight so can stay on chair at all times.
  • Alber’s easy to use pushing and braking aid helps people when pushing a manual wheelchair.
  • The power assist function helps people as it makes pushing a wheelchair much easier.
  • The controls of the wheelchair add on are easy to use and it has automatic braking function, providing safe downhill manoeuvring and easy use of ramps. Fits perfectly to Rea Azalea and Clematis Wheelchairs
  • Other options include: Eco V14 with ErgoDrive from £985
  • V25 provides extra power from £1,943
  • Maximum speed 5.5Km/h

  • Maximum distance 16Km

  • Fits perfectly to Rea Azalea and Clematis Wheelchairs
  • Maximum speed 5.5Km/h 
  • Maximum distance 16Km 
  • Batteries 24V /12Ah 
  • Battery weight 9Kg 
  • Maximum angle 10% 
  • Weight of unit 20Kg drive unit 
  • 10.7Kg Maximum user weight 
  • Azalea 135Kg Maximum user weight 
  • Clematis 125Kg
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Invacare PowerPack Alber ViaPlus V12
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