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  • Range of cast protectors are a high quality, re-usable, easy to use solution for those who need to keep bandages and casts dry whilst bathing and showering.

  • The range includes protectors for the arms, hands, legs and feet with generous sizing ensuring a suitable fit for maximum comfort.

  • The waterproof protectors are easy to use by simply pushing your hand or foot through the hole in the top and using the green plastic cuff to pull the sleeve over the area you wish to keep dry.

  • Once in place ensure the watertight seal is securely positioned so that water is not able to penetrate down into the sleeve.

  • Recommended for single patient use only.

  • Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming.

  • A comfortable waterproof protector which slips over a cast or dressing
  • Provides protection when bathing or showering
  • Re-usable
  • Recommended for single patient use only
  • Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming.
  • Depth (mm)              140  
  • Height (mm)             310  
  • Width (mm)              240  
  • Product Dimensions (mm)            310x240x140     
  • Net weight (kg)       0.15
  • Colour                         Clear
  • Configuration           Adult Hand  
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Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector for use whilst Showering/Bathing (Adult-Short Arm)
£13.95 GBP
VAT exc.

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