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The ‘Clip-on, Clip-off’ Powered Handbike to take you to new places
Key Features: 

Reduce the strain on your body and convert your wheelchair to a powered device. Simple to attach, in enables you to travel further, faster and for longer without worrying about the physical effort. Compact is size, the F55 stores neatly in the boot of your car. It is also approved for transportation on aeroplanes and ships saving your energy while on holiday.

What the manufacturer says about it:

Wheelchair power add on for everybody, everyday and everywhere. Delivering a comfortable and smooth ride performance, whilst assisting your everyday tasks with ease. Due to its brushless 15kph motors, lightweight lithium ion battery the F55 provides a range of 25km and with a 8" or 14” drive wheel ensures superb traction for each task.

Technical Specifications:

Available in two wheel sizes - 8.5" solid or 14" pneumatic wheel.
400 Watt Motor
13KG Weight (9KG when battery and sub frame removed)
Thumb Throttle
Electronic Brake Button
Mechanical Disk Frame
Cruise Control
3 Speed/ Power Levels
Height Adjustable Handlebars
Angle Adjustable Handlebar Stem
Front LED Light

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Empulse F55 Handbike for Wheelchairs
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