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Ross Care Celebrates Collaboration & Wild With Wheels: Promoting Accessibility and Wellbeing in Kent’s Nature

Ross Care Celebrates Collaboration & Wild With Wheels: Promoting Accessibility and Wellbeing in Kent’s Nature

At Ross Care, we are immensely proud to foster and support initiatives that stand for accessibility and wellbeing in the community. One such initiative that we wholeheartedly recommend is 'Wild With Wheels', spearheaded by the dynamic and experienced Gini Mitchell, who is playing a remarkable role in bringing the beauty of Kent’s nature closer to people with disabilities.

Meet Gini Mitchell: The Powerhouse Behind Wild With Wheels

Gini Mitchell, the founder of 'Mobility in the Wild' and a North Downs Way Ambassador, carries a rich background in community service. With 25 years of experience in crafting community gardens and orchestrating outdoor activities, Gini brings to the table her knowledge of plants and wildlife coupled with experience from in supportive and teaching roles at Mencap and other similar organisations.

Gini’s zeal is to improve accessibility in the local countryside is fueled by her personal explorations of Kent Downs and North Downs Way on her mobility scooter. In her journey spanning two years, she has been advocating for infrastructural enhancements that would remove barriers to access, thereby fostering a more inclusive environment for all. Apart from being a force on the ground, Gini has been leveraging her role as a social media ambassador for a renowned mobility scooters brand, a public speaker, and a diverse model to amplify her message online and in various publications.

A Walk to Remember with Wild With Wheels

Ross Care’s very own Clive Bassant, our Community Liaison and Engagement Officer, and Susan Scriven, our Community Liaison and Engagement Administrator, had the pleasure of being part of a nature walk orchestrated by Gini. The excursion, set in the beautiful location of King’s Wood on a warm and cloudy July day, turned out to be an educational and delightful experience for everyone involved.

The walk was a journey through the diverse ecology of the region, originally intended to follow a tree-centric theme, examining the nuances between natural ancient forests and Forestry England managed woodlands. However, the vibrant life in King’s Wood had other plans, as the team encountered a rich tapestry of flora and fauna that included butterflies, moths, caterpillars, butterfly eggs, and an array of insects from crickets to ladybirds, offering an unscripted yet enriching perspective on the vibrant ecosystem thriving in the area.

As the day concluded with a return to the car park, the group was greeted with a 'refreshing downpour', adding well timed ending to time immersed in nature's wonders.

Ross Care & Wild With Wheels: A Partnership for a Brighter, More Accessible Future

At Ross Care, we are excited to support and promote "'Wild With Wheels' tand you will find their details located in reception areas in Kent & Medway Wheelchair Service. We believe in the incredible work Gini and those around her are doing, and we are eager to support initiatives that align with our values of promoting accessibility and wellbeing in the community.

We invite you to join us in this initiative that celebrates nature and inclusivity. Let’s work together to foster a society where everyone has the freedom to explore the beauty that Kent’s nature has to offer. 

To participate, you can find details of all planned events at:

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