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Product Focus: K-Lite Auto Folding Scooter

Product Focus: K-Lite Auto Folding Scooter

Automatic folding models stand at the forefront of mobility scooter technology. As designers find new ways to benefits from new technology, consumers expect continual innovation and improvement. In the world of mobility scooters, significant developments towards customer ideals have led to lightweight, compact vehicles capable of meeting the rigors of every-day use. The K-Lite FE is a perfect example.

Why did Ross Care choose the K-Lite FE over other auto-folding scooters?

Our retail team, with around 100 years of combined experience in mobility equipment and scooters, evaluated 14 leading options in the market before finally selecting the K-Lite FE. It was not just the features, capability and value which stood out. The model is underpinned by quality construction and reliability, featuring:

Aluminium Chassis – A robust yet light frame retaining the strength and rigidity needed for years of continuous use.

Lithium Battery – Compact, lightweight, and powerful, this small battery packs a punch and is easy to remove and store separately.

Auto-folding – Through advanced motor-driven automation, the K-Lite FE folds or unfolds in seconds with the simple touch of a button, ready for neat space-saving storage or transportation. 

Ross Care Retail team in-depth look at the Kymco K-Lite FE

The K-Lite FE passed road-testing in our showrooms with flying colours before proving itself in the ultimate testing ground – in the hands of our customers. For these reasons, we’re confident the K-Lite FE will deliver the very best in auto-folding technology that customers can rely on for years.


Why our customers love it?

  • It’s great for storage in smaller areas.
  • Perfect for coach trips, travel on trains & taxis
  • Folds and unfolds easily with a touch of a button, minimising physical exertion.
  • Has a ride feel equal to many none folding scooters and is more sturdy than other folding scooters.
  • Great for taking abroad because airlines accept them for transportation. 
  • Easy access to the removable battery for charging whilst leaving the scooter in the car - great for UK breaks.

Smart details that make all the difference:

  1. The seat can be taken off to reduce the weight when lifting
  2. If you misplace your remote, there are manual buttons enabling the fold
  3. There is a spare battery holding compartment to increase range
  4. Comes with a free storage bag under the seat
    Kymco K lite FE folding scooter features
    Technical Specifications: 


    Maximum User Weight (kg / Stone):   120 kg / 19 Stone
    Length x Width x Height (mm):   990 x 460 x 800/935 mm
    Wheel Size (mm / Inch):   200mm / 7.9"
    Seat to deck height (mm):   355mm
    Weight Including Battery (kg):   22.2 kg / 29.6 kg
    Heaviest Part:   22kg

    Maximum Speed (Kph / mph):   6.4 Kph / 4 mph
    Calculated Range (Km / Miles):   15 Km / 9.3 Miles
    Wheel Type:   Solid
    Battery:   Lithium 10Ah 24v
    Lights:   Yes
    Turning Radius (mm):   1300mm
    Maximum Slope (Degrees):   8



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