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On behalf of Chester East Council, Ross Care is delighted to provide your Technology Enabled Care Service.

Ross Care is part of the Millbrook Healthcare Group, a leading provider of community healthcare in England. The goal of our service is to enable residents to feel safe and reassured as they continue living the life they have chosen in their own homes. Our trained technicians install the equipment that has been prescribed for you, to support you to remain as safe and independent as possible within your home. They will explain what has been installed, instruct you on how it works and provide you with a product user manual. A range of equipment may be provided including fall’s pendants, epilepsy sensors, a door alarm, key safes or a carers card.

This service is underpinned by the Ross Care & Millbrook monitoring and response centre team, who are available throughout the year to aid the response should your alarm be triggered.

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The equipment we provide to you remains the property of Ross Care and must be returned if no longer required. Get in touch with us or complete the form below to arrange a free collection.

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Please be aware that our Call Response Centre Teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year to response to any alert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I press my alarm pendant?

Pressing the button triggers an alert for our monitoring team who will then contact the user via the Base Unit or on the phone. This first response will come just seconds after the button is pressed. Our support team will seek to understand what has happened and what level of assistance is required.

During the subscription process, we will ask the user to nominate friends or family that can be contacted in the event of an emergency or that they would want us to contact if they simply needed some help. Once assessment has been carried out, we will then contact either the emergency services or one of the nominated network of friends, family or carers and provide them with necessary information such as address, incident details and any access codes for doors or locks.

How much does it cost to press my personal alarm?

The cost of a telephone call with your provider.

What are the personal alarm units like and what wiring is required?

Your digital unit connects to a standard wall plug and uses a SIM card or a router to connect to our call centre.

Does pressing my personal alarm mean I will have to go to hospital?

Your digital unit connects to a standard wall plug and uses a SIM card or a router to connect to our call centre.

What do you do with my information?

All the information we obtain from you is kept secure and safe, and treated with the utmost confidentiality – it is covered by the Data Protection Act. You may request to see this information at any time.

We will use the information we hold to assist you and may need to share it with the emergency services, or with your named contacts and other support agencies. It will only ever be used by those people or agencies that need the information to help you. We do not share your information with any other third-party organisations.

Can I wear my personal alarm in bed?

Yes, however you might prefer to leave it on your bedside table to ensure that you are not pressing the button when you roll over / move around.

Is my personal alarm waterproof?

Our alarms are splashproof – wearing them in the shower is fine, but they cannot be worn in the bath.

What happens if I press my personal alarm by mistake?

Our Technology Enabled Care responders will check whether you need assistance, once they have established that you are ok the call will be ended.

How will the ambulance service get in if I need medical help?

Our responder team will contact your nominated key-holder or the responder team will be able to give the emergency services your key safe code and where the key safe is located.

Will my personal alarm work in the garden?

The range from the base unit to the pendant is approximately 50 meters. You can test the reach of your device when you are doing your set up. Additionally, we offer a GPS device that allows you to be in contact with our responding team when you are out and about.

What will happen if the responder team can’t hear me?

Our responder team will try to speak to you through the base unit, they will then try your land line or mobile phone before asking your key holder to attend.

Can I test my personal alarm so I know it works?

Yes, absolutely & we recommend doing a test call on occasion. Just let the responder know that you are running a test and that you do not need assistance.

Will the personal alarm interfere with my broadband?

For analogue items not necessarily, you may need a broadband filter installed onto each of your phone line points, which the personal alarm will be plugged in to. If installed this way, your internet and phones should work fine alongside your alarm unit.

Can I order additional pendants?

Yes you can, please call our contact centre for pricing and delivery.

How do I update my contact details?

You can call us on on the number abover or email via the contact form below with the updated information or press your personal alarm and let our responder team know the change in details.

Can I take my alarm with me if I move?

Yes, you will need to notify us of your new address and phone number and you may need to adjust your keyholders listed.

You will need to disconnect the equipment, when you are ready, and ensure all the cables are kept safe. When you install everything at your new address, it’s important to test and notify the monitoring centre that you are now living at your new address.

If your alarm was originally prescribed by an occupational therapist then you should contact us before you move, as you may have sensors that belong to the local authority.

How do I make a complaint?

You can raise a complaint by calling us on the above phone number or via the contact from below.

How can I tell which Technology Enabled Care company I am with?

There will be a company label on your base unit with their details or you can press your personal alarm and the call centre will tell you who your provider is.

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