Choosing Your Rise and Recliner Chair

Choosing Your Rise and Recliner Chair

Sit, stand and relax in comfort with our incredible value range of electrically powered recliner chairs. Our recliners have a fairly high seat and are wider and more padded than traditional fireside chairs. The leg rest on many recliners operates simultaneously with the backrest ensuring maximum comfort.

  • Reclining chairs - enable you to alter your position during the day. These are useful if you have a back problem; if you need to relax or sleep during the day; or if you have muscle weakness and find it difficult to support your head.
  • Feet up - The leg rest ought to support the whole length of your legs
  • Lie back - Some recliners let you lie back with your legs out straight or go completely flat to sleep on.
  • Tilt in space - This is important if you need the recliner to relieve pressure and soreness. The whole chair tips back - the back rest still supports your lower back and your weight is spread evenly through your whole seat and back

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It's important to try out any chair properly before you buy it.

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